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Enjoy one of Hungary's largest selections of genuine handcrafted blue dyed products of all kind. Take a walk to our shop located on the ground floor of the centuries old Bárczy House where we have these beautiful pieces and many more available all the time keeping a wide collection of traditional Hungarian clothing.

History & technology

The roots of Hungarian blue dyeing dates back four centuries when it became popular for interior decoration and clothing in the Szepesség region. During the 19th century as an integral part of the Hungarian traditional clothing it was even more popular.

Blue dyeing was done with the classic batique technics but was improved somewhat more than 60 years ago by adding indamine to the process resulting in even more vivid indigo blue colour.

Today there's only a very small number of families that keep this beautiful method of traditional "fabric industry" therefore every piece is a rare value and is very much looked for by people from all around the world.

How to recognize genuine blue dyeing

When wooden pattern printers are applied by hand you can find small white dots where the pattern woods were applied next to each other. Besides you may recognize at first sight if the back side of a so called "blue dyed" product is white. A fabric like that has nothing to do with blue dyeing. Blue dyed fabric is always blue on both sides.

Traditional pattern wood
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